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We provide sophisticated legal counsel to businesses, focusing on the practical and tax aspects of operations and transactions. Our services include the following:

  • entity selection and structuring advice
  • contract negotiation and preparation services, including governing documents (partnership agreements, operating agreements, and shareholder agreements), leases, service agreements, and construction and development contracts.
  • mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations
  • routine corporate compliance matters, such as annual minutes and government filings


Business Law

I associate the “dream business” with the need to scratch an entrepreneurial itch – it seems like a great idea, but you have no idea how successful it will be.  For the reasons set forth belo...

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Business Law

When a business relationship is governed by a written contract, it can provide clarity to the parties when an unforeseen event arises.  Simple misunderstandings are at the root of most disputes, espe...

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Business Law

The 20 percent qualified business income (QBI) deduction is a huge boon to qualifying taxpayers. Essentially, a qualified business with $100,000 in profit can use the QBI deduction to reduce taxable i...

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